What’s In Store for Retail: Industry Trends to Watch

While uncertainty around the state of the economy lingers due to inflation, retailers have remained focused on roadmaps centered around new technology and experiences to keep customers engaged. Here we examine the top trends retailers should be watching.

How does your organization implement and operate its Security Environment? 

Your overarching security program needs to be dynamic and responsive to the ever-changing threat landscape.  As we’ve seen with the recent ransomware attacks, no amount of diligence from a software or hardware perspective can help with the exposure from lack of employee training or awareness as it relates to these...

10 Tips for Operationalizing Data Privacy

The road to finding the right vendor for your organization can often be a long one. You must define your needs, secure budget, conduct countless fact-finding calls, negotiate a contract, and then go live. This process takes time!

PCI DSS 4.0 looms large  

Merchants need to immediately start understanding what additional budget they are planning to allocate to tackle the increased time and costs necessary to maintain PCI compliance. Even working to find and procure the services of an approved scanning vendor will take time and internal resources.

Easing the Burden of Data Privacy Compliance

Many organizations lack enough awareness of the data they collect to effectively tackle consumer privacy. In some cases, a data mapping exercise coupled with a third-party vendor assessment can be enough to uncover the detail needed to map the flow of consumer data into and out of a business. In...

Leaping from Level 2 to Level 1 PCI Merchant Status? Here’s how we can help.

For many merchants, PCI Compliance and related activities are a necessary annual pursuit that require additional work for resource strapped internal business units.  The looming complexities of PCI DSS 4.0, combined with transitioning to a Level 1 merchant, will likely leave many organizations in the lurch as they determine how...

PAX POS Security and what it means to your organization

Security attacks should be mentioned in the same breath for predictability as death and taxes, and increasingly an organization’s security resources are too strapped for time to operate, complete project work, and continue to adapt and tune their security approach. Third parties who can evaluate your current security environment and provide critical, unbiased feedback with a plan for continued improvement are more...

How does your organization implement and operate its Security Environment?

Security breaches, threats and attacks remain in the news on nearly a daily basis- most recently, the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline company made headlines due to its massive impact on the fuel supply chain. Nick Stavropoulos, Director of Security at W. Capra stressed, “Implementing and operating your security...

Are you protected from ransomware?

When considering security protection and prevention measures, if the goal is to not become the next headline, the time to start working on your approach is today. This isn’t something that should be planned and budgeted for 2022.

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