Machine Learning & AI


Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are essential tools for our increasingly connected world. These data-driven technologies enable companies to enhance their understanding of their customers, extract business value, and make tough decisions. Ultimately, it is about being able to adapt quickly to the ever-evolving marketplace. Whether involving data security, payment fraud, growth marketing, or countless other challenges, these tools not only provide guidance but improve over time as more data is captured and analyzed.

W. Capra has a proven track record of using client data, applying machine learning, and operationalizing these systems, all while ensuring data privacy compliance at every step of the process. We understand the power of data as a resource and know what is required to generate useful insights, allowing for our clients to become more agile and gain advantage in competitive business environments.

Latest Insights

  • First-Party Data Monetization in Convenience and Energy
    Many convenience and energy retailers are sitting on a valuable asset that they have not yet fully monetized: first party data. This data, collected from consumer interactions and transactions, can unveil valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.
  • What does the Kroger-Albertsons merger have to do with a Retail Media Network and why does this matter for retailers?
    Kroger has been able to tie 96% of their customer transactions to their loyalty rewards card. This scale of addressable consumer data is extremely valuable to marketers of consumer-packaged goods as it can be used to target specific consumers with the right messages about brands or products that are already tied to their personally identifiable information.
  • Personalization and Real-time Messaging
    The breadth of benefits that personalization can offer range from increasing customer satisfaction by tailoring experiences and product recommendations to elevating conversion rates by presenting relevant content, offers, and recommendations.

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