Loyalty and consumer engagement evolve at an exponential rate. Leveraging long-standing relationships and foremost industry knowledge, our experts work with you to craft and execute a vision that positions your business for lasting success.

Whether strategizing to enter the loyalty space or evolving a long-standing program, W. Capra’s loyalty lifecycle services leverage full-suite expertise to optimize implementations for your larger technology stack and brand strategy, from vendor selection to deployment and operations management.

Launching a program is easy. Our experts ensure that the program you launch is the right one for your business.

Latest Insights

  • First-Party Data Monetization in Convenience and Energy
    Many convenience and energy retailers are sitting on a valuable asset that they have not yet fully monetized: first party data. This data, collected from consumer interactions and transactions, can unveil valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences.
  • What does the Kroger-Albertsons merger have to do with a Retail Media Network and why does this matter for retailers?
    Kroger has been able to tie 96% of their customer transactions to their loyalty rewards card. This scale of addressable consumer data is extremely valuable to marketers of consumer-packaged goods as it can be used to target specific consumers with the right messages about brands or products that are already tied to their personally identifiable information.
  • Personalization and Real-time Messaging
    The breadth of benefits that personalization can offer range from increasing customer satisfaction by tailoring experiences and product recommendations to elevating conversion rates by presenting relevant content, offers, and recommendations.

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