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The W. Capra team provides thought leadership, direction, and analysis to help you optimize your day-to-day operations for maximum effectiveness across your operations teams.

Operations Services

While preparing for tomorrow’s technological challenges, we focus on ensuring your environment remains safe and reliable today. Read more about our operations services below:

Payment Operations

Leveraging long-standing industry relationships and a supplier-agnostic methodology, W. Capra employs a proven approach toward improving your payment experience. We work with your business to define prioritized requirements, informing a go-forward roadmap that will minimize friction, reduce costs, and introduce innovative payment offerings.

Fraud & EMV

W. Capra helps merchants to become EMV-certified and develop cross-channel fraud mitigation strategies, selecting and implementing vendors to mitigate risk and exposure that merchants inevitably face. W. Capra has the unique ability to tune models to specific merchants needs and quickly address emerging threats before they come a problem.

Operational Integrity

W. Capra has extensive experience in identifying, remediating, and managing system weak points, vulnerabilities, and risks in retail environments. As your business becomes increasingly digital and data-driven, we maintain a risk management focus to ensure safe, reliable operations while you focus on your core competencies.

PCI Advisory Services

Our experts know the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards inside out, and we work with organizations to create best-in-class solutions for unique environments. We’ve designed and implemented solutions to secure card data on multiple continents, across verticals, with a view that focuses on both long-term strategy and short-term enhancements.


Whether strategizing to enter the loyalty space or evolving a long-standing program, W. Capra’s loyalty lifecycle services leverage full-suite expertise to optimize implementations for your larger technology stack and brand strategy, from vendor selection to deployment and operations management. Our experts ensure that the program you launch is the right one for your brand.

Data Privacy

W. Capra designs and implements cross-functional solutions for your organization to comply with evolving data privacy laws including CCPA, CPRA, GDPR and others. Our experts use a NIST Data Privacy Framework approach to operationalize data privacy requirements to manage the transition to compliance, all while minimizing disruption to your existing business.

Growth Marketing

Our experts leverage behavioral analytics to identify opportunities to grow the number of consumers engaging in each step of your digital customer journey. We help your team align to your digital commerce experience value proposition and execute high-value experiments to validate hypotheses and nurture your digital business.

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