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W. Capra has established a proven methodology for helping merchants to define cross-functional requirements that will pave the way for short and long-term strategic roadmaps, including identification of potential industry providers to engage along the way.

Strategy Services

Our agnostic approach to solution suppliers provides an unbiased perspective and ensures that every strategy we craft is fit-for-purpose. Read more about each of our strategy services below:

Payment Strategy

Leveraging long-standing industry relationships and a supplier-agnostic methodology, W. Capra employs a proven approach toward improving your payment experience. We work with your business to define prioritized requirements, informing a go-forward roadmap that will minimize friction, reduce costs, and introduce innovative payment offerings.

DCX Strategy

To meet the evolving needs of consumers, the digital commerce platform of tomorrow must be more flexible, nimble, and information-driven than most current architectures allow for. Our experts work with your team to assess the current state of your market needs and redefine your digital commerce strategy go-forward.

Data Monetization Strategy

As the data monetization market continues to grow, retailers need a plan for how they can take advantage of this high-margin revenue opportunity. W. Capra’s data monetization strategists work with your organization to craft a strategy that best fits your business model and maximizes the value you can get from your first-party data.

Partnership Development

The right strategic partner can help you reach new goals for product and service offerings and sales growth. Our experts can help support partnership development, including market scan of potential candidates, financial modeling, communications, rollout planning, and implementation of key performance indicators that will drive the ongoing health of the partnership.

Product & Service Selection

W. Capra has established key relationships with major players across industries and maintains a strong understanding of various product offerings. We utilize a unique RFP methodology to evaluate industry solutions based on merchant needs, expediting the project life cycle to select, contract, and maintain productive relationships with suppliers.

Market Execution

Leverage our extensive experience implementing large-scale consumer-facing programs to bring your vision to market. Our experts work with you to maximize the potential of your program’s execution, from internal engagement to frontline training and deployment support.

Payments Assessments & Benchmarking

Between ever-evolving regulations and rapid innovation, yesterday’s best practices may have already become antiquated. Merchants can quickly understand how their payment system is truly performing and where gaps may exist through assessment and benchmarking; while any merchant can benefit from an assessment and benchmarking exercise, this service is especially important for companies prior to issuing an RFP, signing a new or renewal provider contract, revising their payments infrastructure, or preparing a payments roadmap.

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