Data Monetization Strategy

As privacy laws and smartphone and browser policies continue to impact the ability of CPGs and non-endemic advertisers to understand consumers and markets, creating the right data monetization strategy is essential to ensure your retail business capitalizes on this high-margin revenue stream. Organizations that don’t take advantage of this opportunity are at risk of losing their competitive position in the market and ability to meet accelerating consumer expectations. To get started, your team needs W. Capra’s unique understanding of the nascent data collaboration opportunities within the context and constraints of the retail industry.

For data monetization strategy engagements, we have taken our proven methodology for strategy development and transformed it. We start with our typical current state assessment and capture the desired outcomes to ensure we craft a purpose-built strategy for your organization. Then, we layer in our perspectives on emerging trends, market opportunities, and technology requirements. Finally, our team of data monetization experts ensure that every critical strategy domain has been addressed, and the strategy is packaged in an actionable format so your team can execute and achieve the desired outcomes.

Data monetization is quickly becoming a pressing matter for retailers across all verticals, especially convenience and energy. W. Capra’s strategy analysts stand ready to help your organization apply our proven methodology to craft a data monetization strategy that fits your organization’s resources and capabilities, enabling you to capture the maximum possible value from your first-party data.

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