Partnership Development


Partnership Development

Increasing sales through expanding or developing your company’s capabilities is a fundamental goal for any business that wants to grow. This growth can be accomplished organically if you invest the time and funds to achieve that goal or you can seek strategic partners that extend and support your company’s core competencies, enhancing your ability to execute and support your product or service delivery or create a new offering. Strategic partnerships can be powerful, but what’s right for your business?

Our experience and network can help you identify the best form of strategic partnership for your business and help you seek out partner candidates. We do this by ensuring we understand your business, which drives the market scan of candidates. After selection of a partner, W. Capra then helps to ensure program success by supporting the implementation of the partnership. Beyond implementing the partnership, we can also help implement key communication and key performance indicators that drive the ongoing health and alignment of the strategic partnership. Contact us today to learn more about how the right strategic partner can help you set and reach new goals for product and service offerings and sales growth.

Latest Insights

  • What does the new Taco Bell Defy concept mean for Convenience?
    This new Taco Bell concept should not be seen merely as a signal to other fast-food operators and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) that change is coming; this is a sign to all who strive to offer quick, convenient, access to high quality food and drink that adaptation is required.  As a company, you don’t get to define what convenience means.  The broader market and consumers are defining that for you, and expectations are being redefined every day.
  • How Your Competitors Inform Your Program Strategy
    While too strong of a focus on the competition will not lead you closer to a winning program strategy, collecting competitive insights with purpose as part of your broader program strategy can enable new insights to help you serve your consumer base. These insights can solidify your understanding of table stakes, barriers to entry, and opportunities to differentiate within your market, but there are best practices that W. Capra recommends to employ this effectively.
  • Now May Be the Time for a Resale Platform
    Beyond the financial benefits, there are plenty of benefits associated with the RaaS model. From a branding perspective, when the merchant stamps the resale, it signals to the world that the product holds up through time and use. There’s also an ecological and reputational advantage to RaaS in that resale is both sustainable and eco-friendly.

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