Partnership Development


Partnership Development

Increasing sales through expanding or developing your company’s capabilities is a fundamental goal for any business that wants to grow. This growth can be accomplished organically if you invest the time and funds to achieve that goal or you can seek strategic partners that extend and support your company’s core competencies, enhancing your ability to execute and support your product or service delivery or create a new offering. Strategic partnerships can be powerful, but what’s right for your business?

Our experience and network can help you identify the best form of strategic partnership for your business and help you seek out partner candidates. We do this by ensuring we understand your business, which drives the market scan of candidates. After selection of a partner, W. Capra then helps to ensure program success by supporting the implementation of the partnership. Beyond implementing the partnership, we can also help implement key communication and key performance indicators that drive the ongoing health and alignment of the strategic partnership. Contact us today to learn more about how the right strategic partner can help you set and reach new goals for product and service offerings and sales growth.

Latest Insights

  • Should You Be Installing a Retail Charge Point Network?
    As EV adoption continues to rise, retailers who own real estate face a critical decision on whether, and how, to implement a charge point network. Often described as a nexus of charge points that enables EV owners to charge their vehicles, track which charge points they engage with, and predictably know which adapters are available, charge point networks can deliver long-term benefits to retailers as well as consumers.
  • When Should a Merchant Be Merchant of Record?
    The biggest benefit to becoming the Merchant of Record is the opportunity to optimize payment operations and standardize the customer experience. As technology has evolved, so has the need to optimize transaction flows across channels of commerce, control costs, and improve resiliency.
  • How does Artificial Intelligence fit into my business? 
    Even without a full-blown AI usage program, giving employees clear direction on where and how AI can be used within your company is crucial. Concerns about consumer privacy, business trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, the use of copyrighted information, and even the accuracy of ChatGPT’s output need to be addressed in this guidance, or else employees may opt to make their own choices about use of these tools in the workplace.

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