Growth Marketing

W. Capra helps organizations grow the number of customers engaging with their digital commerce experience by employing growth marketing practices. Growth marketing is a long-term strategy employing data-driven methodologies to nurture the customer-brand relationship at every step of the customer journey. Contrasted with typical marketing strategies which is only focused only on the top of the funnel, neglecting the later steps in the customer journey like activation and retention.

To help transition to growth marketing, our team of growth analysts supports companies with aligning their digital commerce experience value proposition and establishing that a product-market fit exists. Through behavioral analytics data, W. Capra helps to identify opportunities for improvement in each step of the digital customer journey. After forming hypotheses on how to make those improvements, our analysts help design high-value experiments to validate the hypotheses and execute the experiments. From the analytics data, we can determine which methods are most effective and should be focused on, all with the goal of nurturing customer-brand relationships to grow your business.

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