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Running a formal process, such as a Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP), to select a product or service is a key component of enabling an organization’s business strategy.  Ensuring the appropriate suppliers are selected and utilized to their fullest potential is a critical step in strategic sourcing and facilitating delivery of objectives and goals while delivering exceptional customer value and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI). 

Facilitating an impartial selection process requires evaluation of current and future state requirements along with end goals, issues to address, transition requirements and overall evaluation regarding suitable strategic partnerships.  W. Capra’s selection methodology provides a structured process for evaluating an organization’s requirements and goals and identifying the optimal partner to facilitate the defined strategic goals.  W. Capra has relationships and an understanding of available products in the industry and can assist merchants to select, contract, plan for transition and maintain valuable relationships with vendors.

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