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Our team is here to ensure that you don’t navigate daunting changes alone.

Transformation Services

We carry the lessons learned from countless transformations, allowing us to successfully navigate large and small organizational changes. Read more about each service we offer to transform your organization:

Program & Project Delivery

Whether looking to leverage our lifecycle services to meet project objectives on time and under budget or seeking holistic program delivery from experts who know the space best, W. Capra is here to assist. Our team understands how project objectives fit into your program portfolio, and helps you build upon project-specific successes to land upon go-forward goals.


Our team has defined best practices from deploying countless rollouts of retail technology solutions across verticals. We offer thoughtful leadership in a capacity that works for your team, whether providing guidance or end-to-end deployment services, from contracting through vendor management.

Process Optimization

W. Capra excels in identifying operational inefficiencies to streamline processes and reduce the cost to your business. We leverage our extensive expertise in payment operations and retail technology to identify areas for optimization and design a plan to implement changes that result in cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Cost Optimization

W. Capra has established key relationships with all major players in the industry and maintains a strong understanding of various product offerings. We utilize a unique RFP methodology to evaluate industry solutions based on merchant needs, expediting the project life cycle to select, contract, and maintain productive relationships with suppliers.

Agile Transformation

Many new adopters frequently adopt the Agile Methodology that they feel makes them “faster”, removing roles, practices, governance and quality assurance processes that Agile methods require.​ ​Our experienced professionals merge Agile practices with company planning, prioritization, and capital budgeting models to ensure end to end delivery success.

How Can We Help You?

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