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W. Capra excels at guiding organizations to navigate the complexities of today’s retail technology ecosystem while preparing for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Technology Services

Our team excels at guiding organizations to navigate the complexities of today’s retail technology ecosystem while preparing for the future. Read more about each of our technology services below:

Technology Roadmap

In an era of rapid technological progress and evolving market demands, organizations are compelled to consider how technological opportunities can be leveraged to facilitate operational efficiency, productivity, and future growth. W. Capra utilizes a methodology of technological planning that synthesizes emerging technological trends with specific business needs, generating a unique vision for organizations to achieve short and long-term goals that align to their compliance, operational, and strategic needs. costs, and introduce innovative payment offerings.

Payments Technology

W. Capra leverages our extensive experience working across all varieties of payments technology to advise merchants on how to create more reliable and secure payment systems. From payment terminals to settlement and reconciliation processes, W. Capra maintains unparalleled expertise of the entire payment ecosystem and assists merchants in optimizing payment architectures and processes to meet their greater organizational goals.

Point-of-Sale Solutions

Whether serving a retailer, franchisee, or POS vendor, W. Capra employs knowledge and experience to minimize the complexities of the POS landscape. From decisions on new POS selections to development of release and support documentation, W. Capra knows how to navigate the intricacies and avoid the pitfalls of POS decisions, upgrades, and deployments in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Back Office & Store Technology

As the pace of innovation increases and the merging of traditional brick and mortar, eCommerce, and mobile commerce continues to disrupt back office and store technology, W. Capra experts help merchants to enhance their technology stack, enabling quick deployment of new payment types, checkout experiences and third party integrations to existing infrastructure, all while improving operations.

Commerce Security

With data breach headlines bombarding the industry, we keep our client base out of the news. W. Capra provides merchants with retail-specific data security best practices like encryption and tokenization to ensure that confidential information related to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, personally identifiable information (PII), and regulatory information is protected without impact to day-to-day business.

Integration Services

W. Capra has developed longstanding relationships with the essential solution suppliers of today’s retail, payment, mobile and loyalty landscape. Our team maintains an intimate knowledge of the challenges and pitfalls associated with integrating multiple supplier timelines and demands to drive successful implementations that support your operational needs.

Solution & Data Architecture

W. Capra specializes in evaluating business needs, data requirements and industry innovations to engineer best-in-class, business-minded solutions that support strategic roadmaps. Leveraging cloud and remote system management capabilities, we design and integrate best-in-class solutions that meet the strategic needs of our clients.

Machine Learning & AI

W. Capra has a proven track record of using client data to apply machine learning methodologies and operationalizing data analytics to meet client goals. Whether informing data security, fighting payment fraud, or using data for growth marketing, we understand the power of data as a resource and know how to generate meaningful insights. W. Capra enables our clients to become more agile, extract incremental business value, and inform tough decisions in competitive environments.

Testing & Certification

As development and release cycle demand times continue to impose on the ability to conduct meaningful testing, quality assurance testing processes remain as critical as ever to meeting retail technology objectives. In addition to owning and operating a QA lab with multiple vendor retail solutions, W. Capra maintains a team of testing and certification analysts that execute high-quality testing, from use case preparation to test execution, which enables merchants to roll out their changes with confidence.

Trellix Professional Services

W. Capra maintains a highly specialized team dedicated to Trellix’s product suite. We are recognized by Trellix as a Platinum partner, and our experts continue to provide best-in-class service to ensure you implement your Trellix project on time with the highest technical quality.

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