Now May Be the Time for a Resale Platform

Beyond the financial benefits, there are plenty of benefits associated with the RaaS model. From a branding perspective, when the merchant stamps the resale, it signals to the world that the product holds up through time and use. There’s also an ecological and reputational advantage to RaaS in that resale...

Is a Payment Orchestration Layer right for your business?

If your business is looking to reduce friction for consumers at checkout, increase payment acceptance, optimize transaction routing, and innovate your payment architecture quickly as you add geographies, currencies, and additions to your payment flow, then a Payment Orchestration Layer is an obvious and necessary addition.

Is PINLess Debit Routing a fit for your payment ecosystem?

Utilizing PINLess debit to decrease cost of acceptance is certainly very enticing, but it also can be a very daunting undertaking.  For some merchants, PINLess debit may mean a full-scale change to POS, reconciliation, and acquirer/gateway message specification and configurations to support this transaction routing.

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