Value in Loyalty Programs

Perceiving Value Any loyalty program introduced to market must of course add value to a merchant’s brand. To gain traction, however, it’s required that consumers perceive value in the program as well. Consumers typically choose where to shop based on quality, convenience, service and price. In a recent survey conducted...

Adopters and Adapters

Loyalty, I noticed as the miles on my odometer increased, takes on many forms. The following is re-posted from Convenience Store News.   My recent business travels took me by my city neighborhood grammar school. It reminded me of the many yearly assignments to write a story about my summer...

Safe & Sound

The following article, from NACS, contains contributions from Matt Beale, Partner at W. Capra Consulting Group: SAFE & SOUND -- "There's a general view that if you're PCI compliant, you are therefore security compliant. That's a risky perspective."

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