How does your organization implement and operate its Security Environment?

Security breaches, threats and attacks remain in the news on nearly a daily basis- most recently, the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline company made headlines due to its massive impact on the fuel supply chain.  Nick Stavropoulos, Director of Security at W. Capra stressed, “Implementing and operating your security program the right way will cost a fraction of not doing so- and that doesn’t even include the potential PR fallout of a massive breach.”

Why look outside your own IT team?

Your internal IT team is already swamped with a never-ending barrage of end user tickets, along with a mountain of large-scale projects that need to be completed- security implementations and their proper tuning will undoubtedly not get the attention they deserve. Nor does your team likely possess the depth or breadth of knowledge needed to put a strong security program in place.

W. Capra maintains a team of dedicated Security Engineers who have years of expertise implementing, tuning, and operating security programs to maximize protection for both networks and endpoints.  Additionally, within industries where requirements and policies are even more stringent (i.e., Healthcare, Finance, and Government Services), the W. Capra team has stood up and supported thousands of implementations. 

How do I get started?

Either a Security Health Check or more in-depth Security Assessment are both excellent ways for W. Capra, as an independent third party, to apply the lens of security best practices to your firm’s current environment.  Stavropoulos added, “Sometimes the nearsightedness that results from looking at your environment every day prevents you from stepping back and looking holistically at your environment and security posture.  W. Capra can add that view and provide a clear path of recommended next steps and actions.  Security is not a ‘set and forget’ type of requirement- it gets more complex every day.”

Nick Stavropoulos is dedicated to assisting W. Capra clients with all things security, keeping our clients from headlines. For further discussion, contact Nick Stavropoulos at [email protected].

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