Choosing Your Custom Development Vendor

Given the complexity of today’s organizational architectures, the need for custom development work has become increasingly prevalent. However, for organizations seeking to embark on custom development initiatives, the race to implement can oftentimes cloud decision-makers from asking key questions to ensure they are selecting the right development shop for the job.

When choosing a custom development shop, your selection process must ensure you isolate a vendor who can understand the questions that are pertinent to the domain in which you’re developing. This domain expertise that has long been the hallmark of W. Capra’s consulting services has now become the cornerstone of our custom development offering. Patrick Raycroft, Associate Director at W. Capra, expounds, “Our clients trust our domain knowledge and our proven expertise to design requirements in the custom development process to ensure that eleventh hour storm clouds related to corner cases won’t derail project timelines or budgets. We’re thinking about corner cases at the start.”

A Full Turnkey Solution Provider

To round out our capabilities as a solution provider for our clients, W. Capra now offers best-in-class custom development capabilities in areas where we have domain knowledge. Our development proficiencies have become an extension of our consulting services in the areas of subscription, payments (we have direct experience in PCI and highly sensitive applications), loyalty, and retail technology (with knowledge of vertical-specific retail standards). Raycroft adds, “We added custom development to our quiver to round out W. Capra’s delivery capabilities. Now, rather than working only on design, selection, and implementation, we also develop and operate.”

When considering a vendor for your custom development initiative(s), it’s important to note that we do all API-based development and are API-driven.  We develop cloud-native applications with a focus on serverless deployments on public cloud infrastructure.

Our Integration Methodology

When thinking through the migration of an external vendor’s code into your production environment, it’s essential that you consider how it integrates into your environment, both in the short-term and long-term. As a delivery partner that supports our clients through the full project lifecycle, we maintain an active investment in how our development projects integrate into a client’s support organization. We engage with your internal delivery organization to ensure the technology, people and processes make sense within your world to make long-term maintenance more efficient.

Ultimately, the philosophy behind our integration is the same philosophy that guided us to build a custom development offering:  To maintain the level of partnership that W. Capra strives for with its clients, there can be no gaps in our support model. For further discussion on how W. Capra’s development capabilities can support your organizational needs, contact Patrick Raycroft at [email protected].

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