Keeping an eye on Credit Cards in Congress

Should the CCCA bill pass, there will certainly be available savings on credit card fees from the forced competition, but this will also require significant planning. Adding a second routing option is not as easy as just toggling a switch.

Should You Be Accepting Cryptocurrency?

As new currencies continue to emerge in the market, the questions that must always steer consumer engagement and technology roadmaps are: what is the impact on consumers who wish to transact for physical goods? What segment of the population are you missing if you don’t move to implement? And does...

Buy Now, Pay Later is here to stay. But should your business be ready?

Many consumers and merchants have embraced Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solutions. For merchants, the opportunity to boost their basket sizes, increase total transaction volume, and access a broader demographic base has been a boon. Consumers view it as a way of purchasing big ticket items while avoiding the burden...

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