Is EV the only alternate fuel solution?

Electric vehicles continue to dominate the news cycle related to an anointed shift away from liquefied fuels; over the next decade, the energy grid in the United States could see significant strain because of the country’s push for EV adoption coming faster than the grid can handle.

Loyalty Points to Ponder

The following originally appeared in Convenience Store Decisions and is written by W. Capra Executive Consultant, Ed Collupy. When considering a new loyalty program, asking the right questions can help you determine which option is best for your business. Many convenience operators have their own experiences they can rely on related...

Engaging Consumers to Develop Fuel Brand Loyalty

Differentiation in an Undifferentiated Market Merchants realize that having a loyalty program is a standard requirement and not an added feature in consumer eyes, but the structure of their loyalty offerings can differ between verticals and between merchants operating in the same vertical. In the fuel sector specifically, it can...

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