Is EV the only alternate fuel solution?

Electric vehicles continue to dominate the news cycle related to an anointed shift away from liquefied fuels; over the next decade, the energy grid in the United States could see significant strain because of the country’s push for EV adoption coming faster than the grid can handle.

Retail Economics Are Changing – Are You?

Advertisers are increasingly redirecting their funds from traditional publishers to retailers that are serving as publishers— and this trend is only projected to continue, with retail media spending likely to double in the next four years.

How to Approach Implementing Autonomous Checkout

Though autonomous checkout has demonstrated clear benefits to those who implement it well, the implementation doesn’t come without its challenges. One of the biggest pitfalls we see in self-checkout implementations is the propensity to treat this new technology as we would treat any other POS terminal.

When to Prepare for EV

Though there remains ongoing debate around how to best deploy the EV infrastructure, and although internal combustion vehicles will surely remain in market for a long time to come, the tipping point for national EV adoption remains an inevitability.

What does the new Taco Bell Defy concept mean for Convenience?

This new Taco Bell concept should not be seen merely as a signal to other fast-food operators and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) that change is coming; this is a sign to all who strive to offer quick, convenient, access to high quality food and drink that adaptation is required.  As...

Foundations of Innovation

As consumer demand for touchless and frictionless experiences has risen rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic, convenience retailers — on the average — are encountering greater challenges in meeting these needs than retailers in other verticals.

Salty Snacks Charge Forward

The below article, which includes quotations from W. Capra Executive Consultant Ed Collupy, has been re-posted from Convenience Store Decisions. The original article can be found here. As more consumers are shifting to healthier and protein-filled salty snacks as meal replacements, c-stores are well positioned to reap the rewards. By...

Engaging Consumers to Develop Fuel Brand Loyalty

Differentiation in an Undifferentiated Market Merchants realize that having a loyalty program is a standard requirement and not an added feature in consumer eyes, but the structure of their loyalty offerings can differ between verticals and between merchants operating in the same vertical. In the fuel sector specifically, it can...

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