Streamline Your Business Operations with AI

In today’s world, our AI models are trained by large amounts of data. When used strategically, these models can present businesses with tremendous opportunities to streamline operations, and these opportunities extend far beyond what LLMs alone can enable.

How does Artificial Intelligence fit into my business? 

Even without a full-blown AI usage program, giving employees clear direction on where and how AI can be used within your company is crucial. Concerns about consumer privacy, business trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, the use of copyrighted information, and even the accuracy of ChatGPT’s output need to be addressed in...

Insights from the Think Tank session

The following has been re-posted from NACS magazine.   “Surround yourself with smart people” is career advice that I continue to put into action. At this year’s Conexxus Annual Conference, nearly 160 attendees had the opportunity to do just that during the Think Tank session. Joining me on stage were...

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