Keeping an eye on Credit Cards in Congress

Should the CCCA bill pass, there will certainly be available savings on credit card fees from the forced competition, but this will also require significant planning. Adding a second routing option is not as easy as just toggling a switch.

What does the new Taco Bell Defy concept mean for Convenience?

This new Taco Bell concept should not be seen merely as a signal to other fast-food operators and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) that change is coming; this is a sign to all who strive to offer quick, convenient, access to high quality food and drink that adaptation is required.  As...

Are you protected from ransomware?

When considering security protection and prevention measures, if the goal is to not become the next headline, the time to start working on your approach is today. This isn’t something that should be planned and budgeted for 2022.

The CPRA Takes Effect Sooner Than You Might Think

While January 1, 2023 sounds like it’s eons away, from a project planning and assessment timeline perspective, it’s quite soon. When you add in the CPRA lookback period of January 1, 2022, and associated fines and penalties that will hit in 2023, planning takes on even greater importance.

Loyalty For Fuel Retailers Has Never Required More Decisions

For Convenience and Fuel Retailers, navigating the minefield of considerations that need to be thought of in relation to Loyalty and Consumer Engagement, surrounding business impacts and business decisions should not be taken lightly. Adding an outside view that has significant industry experience as early as possible in your internal...

Eight Digit BIN Expansion Only 12 Months Away

April 2022 may as well be tomorrow in the scheme of assessing, planning, testing and completing projects to mitigate the impact of the eight-digit BIN expansion that Visa will be imposing on merchants.

October 9 COVID Update: Midwest and Great Plains See Continued Growth

The following summary and its attached report are the twenty-second in the ongoing series by the W. Capra Data Science team on the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the industries we service over time.  The previous reports can be found in the following links: April 14, April 23, April...

Stuzo and W. Capra Partner to Offer Enhanced and Streamlined Implementations

In an effort to increases speed, efficiency, and value creation for fuel and convenience retailers, W. Capra has partnered with Stuzo to offer enhanced streamlined implementation capabilities. The original press release can be found here. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Stuzo, a leading provider of intelligent 1:1 loyalty, contactless commerce, and modern...

Evaluating Your Payments Roadmap in the COVID-19 Era

While we still do not have an end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, one impact that is here to stay is the shift in the way that people shop and pay. With retail stores temporarily closing or reducing hours, delivery/pickup surging in popularity, and physical contact points being avoided...

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