Top Trends Every Retailer Should Be Aware of for 2023

2023 marks the fourth year of a decade that began with a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that transformed the retail industry. As supply chain issues and other economic challenges caused by the pandemic continue to fester, retailers are finding a new normal with hybrid shopping. This means retailers have even more opportunities...

How to Approach Implementing Autonomous Checkout

Though autonomous checkout has demonstrated clear benefits to those who implement it well, the implementation doesn’t come without its challenges. One of the biggest pitfalls we see in self-checkout implementations is the propensity to treat this new technology as we would treat any other POS terminal.

Operational Integrity more vital than ever

As technology is pervasive at retail locations supporting more offers and consumer engagement options, the resiliency of this technology must be monitored and assured. Making sure that products are available, priced correctly, and that consumers can transact with prescribed offers, earn loyalty and use desired payment is critical to the...

When to Prepare for EV

Though there remains ongoing debate around how to best deploy the EV infrastructure, and although internal combustion vehicles will surely remain in market for a long time to come, the tipping point for national EV adoption remains an inevitability.

PCI DSS 4.0 looms large  

Merchants need to immediately start understanding what additional budget they are planning to allocate to tackle the increased time and costs necessary to maintain PCI compliance. Even working to find and procure the services of an approved scanning vendor will take time and internal resources.

Convenience & Energy and the Growth of Subscription Services

Subscriptions are everywhere you look, including places where subscriptions haven’t traditionally been leveraged, such as fast-food chains and movie theaters. Convenience stores and energy retailers are no exception. There are many reasons for the growth of subscription services.

Not All Fleets Are Created Equal

Whether an organization maintains an existing fleet offering or they’re evaluating fleet as a new opportunity, one of the most common barriers that retailers face when attempting to gain incremental market share is that their offering assumes a universal need across the fleet portfolio. In reality, the needs that over-the-road...

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