Doing More With What You Have

Today’s convenience stores need to keep up with new technology solutions and the ever growing demands on retailers to be nimble and mobile. Add to that the ever changing staffing landscape for most C-Stores towards a growing millennial workforce, we need to always be innovative in what we offer our customers and our staff. Amazingly we have lots of tools already in place; we just need to grow outside the boundaries of our current technology with some innovative thinking.

Sell More Outside

Let’s use our forecourt assets as additional selling resources while our customers are pumping their fuel. On an average forecourt of 10 fueling locations, we can inform our customers on what is being promoted in store, sell items at the pump (such as lottery), and provide customers with the latest weather forecast to ensure they are aware of their upcoming circumstances and can stock up while on your lot.

Sell More Inside

Using sophisticated inventory and category management tools we can ensure that our best sellers are always in stock during promotions and that we are placing products in the right location to drive our customers to see all we have to offer them. One additional item per transaction per visit can provide a substantial boost to the bottom line.

Do More

Let’s get our managers out of the back office, both figuratively and literally, with new solutions that allow push notifications to manager’s mobile devices no matter where they are. As an alternative, there are solutions available that perhaps only alert the managers to exceptions in daily tasks such as day close, inventory ordering and workforce scheduling. Put your best customer service personnel back on the sales floor to ensure not only a great customer experience but a better staffing model on the floor at all times, especially during your busiest hours.

Be More

Once you have the above working, plan on adding value add services and products, like fresh food service, community needs and additional revenue generators. An extra visit a week to a convenience store adds significant profitability to the bottom line without drastically changing the labor model.

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