The Epic & Evolving Convenience of C-Stores

W. Capra’s Ed Collupy* had been invited by the New England Convenience Store and Energy Marketers Association (NECSEMA) to speak at their 2020 annual Expo on the latest technologies in the Convenience / Petro industry. The event was unfortunately cancelled due to current circumstances.

Ed’s remarks were to be titled “Epic Convenience.” He’d prepared an opening video which highlights how the c-store / petro industry’s tech story is epic in the way it continues to evolve over the years. The video for his planned remarks was recently highlighted online by Convenience Store News, which can be viewed here. Check out Ed’s video via Convenience Store News or on YouTube here.

*Ed Collupy is an executive consultant at W. Capra Consulting Group. You can reach him at [email protected]. Mr. Collupy has IT leadership and business team experience, providing strategic, operational and project leadership to retailers, emerging businesses and technology companies.

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