Thankful For…

The following is re-posted from Convenience Store Decisions and features commentary from W. Capra executive consultant, Ed Collupy.

Thankful For…

Technology in the CStore/Petro industry…

Handheld devices, connected wirelessly for computer assisted ordering

Applicant tracking systems for the many new people looking to join the industry workforce

Networking solutions to keep data moving to and from stores systems

Kitchen Monitor Systems for the growing made-to-order foodservice category

Scanning data that helps identify what’s selling and with what other items

Gasoline and other fuel types’ delivery, management and compliance systems

Inventory Management controls through Point of Sale and Back-Office system integration

Video monitoring to keep customers and employees safe

Incentives delivered to customers through Loyalty and other promotional programs

New digital technologies that keep improving the customer experience

Giving back to the community with Point of Sale roundup and other fundraising campaigns

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