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Matt Beale


Matt Beale heads our Security and Architecture Practice. He has experience working in many facets of IT with a strong focus on global retail organizations. Since Matt joined us, he has built up this practice to cover a number of key verticals.

Outside of the office, Matt enjoys scuba diving and looking for the hidden secrets that cities always offer.
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  • Keeping an eye on Credit Cards in Congress
    Should the CCCA bill pass, there will certainly be available savings on credit card fees from the forced competition, but this will also require significant planning. Adding a second routing option is not as easy as just toggling a switch.
  • How to Approach Implementing Autonomous Checkout
    Though autonomous checkout has demonstrated clear benefits to those who implement it well, the implementation doesn’t come without its challenges. One of the biggest pitfalls we see in self-checkout implementations is the propensity to treat this new technology as we would treat any other POS terminal.
  • Are you using vendors in your tech stack for the core function they bring to your organization?
    In recent years, the industry has witnessed a hybrid approach to the two vendor managements models detailed here. In this hybrid model, a payment orchestration layer or a gateway provides pre-existing, best-in-class integrations for a merchant to leverage.