Lesley Saitta

Partner & Strategic Advisor

As Partner & Strategic Advisor, Lesley focuses on developing W. Capra’s expanding solutions, services, and partners globally, and providing strategic advisory to the W. Capra Leadership Team, as well as to its clients and partners. She works closely with both domestic and international retailers, consumer goods companies, software providers and industry associations. Lesley’s focus on leadership, organization, infrastructure and change management transforms companies and yields significant returns. Lesley is a co-founder of Impact 21, which was acquired by W. Capra in April 2024.

Lesley is a mentor to many successful retail executives and entrepreneurs and is committed to expanding equality and diversity in the workplace. Her passion for Stott Pilates, golf, pickleball, reading, championing children with learning differences and personal work with several non-profit foundations keep her both humbled and inspired.

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