Before You Check Out of 2019…

The winter holiday season is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean time stands still and projects need to grind to a halt.  While most who work in service industries and operational roles cannot automatically schedule week-long or more vacations around the holidays, many do have the luxury to “check out” for a bit beginning early-to-mid December.  For those so fortunate, I wish you all the rest and relaxation you can find!  For the rest of you who don’t have many vacation days left, this time of year is a great chance to catch up and get a running start into 2020.

“Oh, you’re working on December 27th also?”

Ask around to learn who will be working on what days.  You may discover the last three weeks of December represent a great window to bring forward an idea you want to discuss with a manager or peer.  Set up networking discussions knowing your target is likely to have a little more open space on his/her calendar.  Make sure to set a follow up for January to keep the dialogue going.  Finally, plan a small get-together and get to know co-workers you may not interact with as much during the rest of the year.

“The office sure is dead today.”

An unusually quiet office can be peaceful, but also has the potential to be demotivating.  While you stare at your laptop screen, you picture your colleagues wearing sunglasses and sipping on umbrella drinks.  To counter that risk of jealousy, be creative with where you work.  Consider setting up for a few hours at the coffee shop next door to the office.  Surround yourself with different faces and sounds to find new inspiration.  Invite others from your office who may be looking to escape the same cubicle walls, but still want to be able to collaborate.

“This is the year I get ahead!”

The end of the year is often used as a time to clean up inboxes and finally respond to that e-mail from September you’ve been meaning to get to for weeks.  This year, fulfill that commitment.  Clean up that inbox, clear your desk, and build an organized list of activities that will allow you to start the new year on your front foot.  Of course, I hope all of you take at least a couple days off to rest and recharge.  Maybe 2020 is the year you don’t find yourself behind again by mid-February!

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