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Clint Cady


Clint has been with W. Capra since 2011 and has taken on many roles in leading our consulting team in delivering merchant-focused solutions to our clients. He has extensive experience helping both card-present and card-not-present merchants with retail transformation conversions, loyalty and consumer engagement, and security and compliance initiatives. Leveraging his breadth of knowledge in EMV, fraud, encryption, and tokenization, Clint helps omni-channel merchants prepare and navigate the multi-layered security journey across many verticals.

Outside of work, Clint loves traveling with his family while also cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats.
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  • When to Prepare for EV
    Though there remains ongoing debate around how to best deploy the EV infrastructure, and although internal combustion vehicles will surely remain in market for a long time to come, the tipping point for national EV adoption remains an inevitability.
  • What is a Payment Account Reference (PAR) and why does it matter to merchants?
    PAR is an alphanumeric reference point that enables a business to track a consumer and their payment account across the various payment methods they use. For example, a consumer may have 3 credit cards in their wallet, each of which would generate a different token if used in a tokenized environment. PAR links these cards to a single payment account and broadens the idea of tracking a consumer’s activity across payment methods beyond the scope of a single merchant.
  • PCI DSS 4.0 looms large  
    Merchants need to immediately start understanding what additional budget they are planning to allocate to tackle the increased time and costs necessary to maintain PCI compliance. Even working to find and procure the services of an approved scanning vendor will take time and internal resources.