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Clint has been with W. Capra since 2011 and has taken on many roles in leading our consulting team in delivering merchant-focused solutions to our clients. He has extensive experience helping both card-present and card-not-present merchants with retail transformation conversions, loyalty and consumer engagement, and security and compliance initiatives. Leveraging his breadth of knowledge in EMV, fraud, encryption, and tokenization, Clint helps omni-channel merchants prepare and navigate the multi-layered security journey across many verticals.

Outside of work, Clint loves traveling with his family while also cheering on the Kentucky Wildcats.

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  • How should my business confidently deploy new retail technology solutions?
    Implementing new technology or software solutions can be a complex and risky process. To mitigate potential pitfalls and ensure successful deployments, merchants should consider enlisting the help of a trusted third-party testing partner. The key benefits of third-party testing with an industry stalwart like W. Capra should be an integral part of any retailer’s technology deployment strategy.
  • What Does the New Interchange Legislation Mean For You?
    A growing number of states have recently introduced legislation to prohibit charging interchange fees on the sales and excise tax portion of retail transactions. Thus far, there are active bills in the states of Georgia, Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, and Texas, however that number is expected to grow in the near-term future.
  • Get The Most Out of Tokenization
    By replacing sensitive data with tokens, merchants not only reduce the risk of a data breach, they also ensure that even if a hacker (aka “bad guy”) were to access their system, the hacker would only be able to access the tokens, which are useless without corresponding sensitive personal information (SPI).