Your Payment, Retail Technology and Security Partner


W. Capra Consulting Group is at the center of helping retailers design, select, implement and operate commercialized mobile solutions, which is especially vital as mobile devices are quickly changing consumers’ expectations of commerce and their favorite retailers and brands.  As these long-standing commerce relationships change, W. Capra’s experience with eCommerce as well as brick and mortar retailers provides its client a deeply functional and strategic view on the emerging mobile market and how to smartly enter it. 

Partner Selection and Implementation

W. Capra’s ongoing engagement of the mobile space provides its consultants with hands on knowledge of the players in the market and their strengths and weaknesses.  Through our experience we can help you build or rationalize a mobile engagement or payment strategy and quickly engage the market to find the best-fit partners.

Platforms and Wallets

When implementing a commercialized wallet solution that is planned to serve millions of customers and support a material percentage of revenue of a company, it is important to understand what to expect from both your platforms and wallet providers.  W. Capra’s understanding of the space goes beyond the application and is focused on how these assets will integrate into a current infrastructure and support services of a retailer or brand. 

Acceptance Strategies

As the fight for the consumers' wallets and mobile devices continues, retailers and brands need to understand the potential outcomes and what it means to their payment offer and payment infrastructure.  W. Capra assists its clients to make sense of the sheer volume of information and different capabilities and helps to ensure that client investments in their payment infrastructure will have the capability to enable a long-term relevant payment offer.

Market Intelligence

It is often said that knowing is half the battle and that is especially true for a commercial space changing as quickly as mobile payments.  W. Capra’s business is tracking this volatile market and understanding what is relevant and impactful to its retail and consumer brand clients.  Whether it’s identifying the right partner, understanding where the space is moving or how suppliers are different, W. Capra can help.