Your Payment, Retail Technology and Security Partner


W. Capra Consulting Group's professional services are heavily focused on the payments ecosystem for merchants. Our extensive expertise in all facets of payments allows us to forge strong and long lasting relationships with our clients.


W. Capra's payment architects have a deep knowledge of the payment infrastructure from the dual perspectives of both the client and the industry. We assist clients in analyzing their payment infrastructure and identifying the necessary changes to keep current with the rapidly changing payments landscape.


Whether your company has a team responsible for payment operations or a single person, W. Capra can provide valuable insight to payment operations. Our team excels in identifying operational inefficiencies to streamline operations and reduce payment cost of acceptance. Our expertise also allows us to implement industry standard best practices.

Payment Offers

In the payments industry, the number of payment offers and products changes on a near daily basis. But the correct combination of payment methods offered greatly differs merchant by merchant. W. Capra's experience understanding the plethora of payment offers as well as developing merchant branded offers allows the team to assist merchants in all industries.

Consumer Engagement

As consumers become more and more entrenched with technology, the ability for merchants to acquire new customers and retain existing customers becomes increasingly more difficult. W. Capra is uniquely positioned to assist merchants in providing the most relevant consumer engagement programs. W. Capra provides knowledge in how to engage and convert infrequent consumers to long-term customers.

Supplier Selection

One of the fundamental requirements for a merchant is payment acceptance. As the payment supplier environment continues to evolve, the selection of the correct suppliers is paramount to any merchant's success. W. Capra has interacted with all major players in the industry and is supplier agnostic in selection of the partners to assist merchants in all industries with the correct payment supplier.