Your Payment, Retail Technology and Security Partner


W. Capra Consulting Group’s professional services include a number of robust and uniquely tailored Security & Compliance capabilities. We pride ourselves on staying abreast with tomorrow’s potential advancements and participating in industry boards to help influence today’s decisions. 

W. Capra is one of the few global organizations to be certified in the corporate implementation of these solutions, which we have done for government entities, large retailers, banking, gaming, telecommunications, and other organizations on a number of continents. 

Security and Network Architecture

At the heart of any complex system change is a well thought out architecture. W. Capra has mapped, designed, challenged, and created architectures for many organizations; both large and small. We work with all areas of an organization to ensure accuracy. We ensure that the architectures are tailored around your organizations specific compliance, enhancement, or regulatory requirements.

PCI Compliance

In a world of constant and ever changing electronic threats, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) maintains compliance standards to secure card data. W. Capra understands these standards, and works with the industry to create best in class solutions for unique environments. We have designed and implemented solutions on multiple continents and across most verticals. We understand that you need a long term strategy as well as some short term enhancements to protect your data both today and tomorrow

Network and Endpoint Protection

Governments and businesses continue to struggle to protect their data and whether it is regulatory or confidential, the security industry creates new methodologies and approaches to protect this data. 

When implemented correctly, a combination of Data Loss Prevention, Application Control, and Endpoint Control provide the framework to safeguard and protect organizational data. 

EMV Architecture and Integration

Credit card data is constantly under threat as new ways are found to steal or skim confidential user data. To accommodate today’s evolving security requirements, magnetic stripe cards are being replaced with ‘Chip and PIN’ cards. W. Capra is at the forefront in designing and integrating this technology into all aspects of the electronic transaction. We also recognize the challenges in creating an ROI with EMV and work with businesses to create additional value in combining EMV with other related projects.