Your Payment, Retail Technology and Security Partner


W. Capra Consulting Group's advanced knowledge of the rapidly changing world of eCommerce allows merchants to be nimble in adapting to new technologies and concepts, legislative and government requirements, and changing consumer behavior.  Merchants rely on W. Capra to help navigate through these fast paced changes utilizing our deep payments industry knowledge, analytical and strategic planning strengths and nonpartisan supplier relationships.

Payment Management

W. Capra’s payment experts have managed all facets of the payment operations and have a comprehensive range of payment skill sets to assist you in reviewing your current payment operations; assessing needs for future growth, creating a payments or mobility strategy, integration and implementation of IT, PCI and supplier requirements and payment industry training. 

Recurring Billing Optimization

Extending the customer lifecycle is a key focus for any merchant in the recurring billing arena.  Whether your company is looking to define a recurring strategy or identify revenue or cost opportunities in existing processes, W.Capra has the deep strategic and tactical expertise to help.

Platform Selection and Implementation

With new payment technologies and suppliers emerging every day, it is difficult to determine what is right for your business, what is right now, and what to write off!  W.Capra works closely with merchants to evaluate their current processing platform and integration partners, identifies infrastructure needs, growth opportunities and resource requirements.   W. Capra’s expertise includes RFP, RFI and vendor selection with an eye on lowering operating costs, while maximizing customer adoption or retention.

Alternative Payments

W. Capra will navigate your organization through the complex payment ecosystem and demystify current options.  Paypal? Mobile? Wallets? BillMeLater?  We identify for you the choices that will keep your customers loyal and satisfied when it comes to Alternative Payment options. 

Fraud Management

eCommerce merchants face increasing challenges from chargebacks, friendly-fraud and fraudster, each of whom can have a material impact the bottom line.  W. Capra’s familiarity of these challenges and the operational and technical options to combat increasing headwinds, provide merchants with an informed and well versed view of fraud concepts and tools to assist each merchant’s individual fraud prevention requirements.